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A true life story
I eat nothing, but still can't lose weight.

I got 28 kg overweight after giving birth. When my daughter was 6 months old, I stopped breastfeeding and started working seriously on getting in shape. I repeated workouts I saw in youtube videos such as hoolahooping, crunches and planks. On top of that, I cut out bread and meat to lose weight even quicker. But two months of this lifestyle only helped me lose 4 kg.

When I found out how useless the exercise was, I went on an even stricter diet. I only ate fruit, nonfat fish and salads. The constant hunger drove me crazy, and I still didn't lose much weight. Then, my weight plateaued out at 75kg and there was nothing I could about it! I went back to hoolahooping, and walked numerous kilometers with the baby stroller, all to no avail.

Payton Rhodes
a dietitian and nutrion expert

Strict diets often lead to "plateauing", in which losing beyond a certain amount of weight is impossible. In order to avoid this, I recommend returning to previous serving sizes and drinking Keto Bullet in the mornings. It's coffee with MCT oil that causes weight to be lost 2-3 times faster .

A true life story
I lost 7 kg, but then gained 10 :(

I tried getting rid of my belly fat with interval fasting + keto diet. I ate no more than 1200 calories throughout the day, and never let myself eat from 6 p.m. to morning My waist measured 8 cm smaller after 2 months of this diet. I weighed 58 kg, 7kg less than when I started.

But then, I made exceptions at work parties..and my husband's birthday party...and sometimes just for the heck of it :( A month later, my belly started sticking out again. Then, I crushed the scales, weighing a whopping 10 kg more! I was fatter than ever. I couldn't imagine starving myself like that for the rest of my life.

Bridgit Mergo
A nutrition expert

80% of people who mess up on their diet quickly return to previous weight. This is because our digestion slows down when we eat less and more seldom. The body builds up fat faster and has a harder time getting rid of it after returning to normal food servings.

This is why there's no sense in starving and exhausting yourself. Instead of that, try doing the opposite. Speed up your metabolism with Keto Bullet. The ketogenic MCT oil and chromium picolinate that it contains speed up metabolism. and promote weight loss with no chance of gaining it back.

A true life story
I'm trying to slim down while my husband eats potatoes and pizza!

I'm tired of trying to lose weight while my husband eats anything he wants! I'm on a keto diet myself (no fruit, grain, vegetables, sweets or bread), and my husband insists on having pizza, fried potatoes, pie and pastries for dinner... That's how every evening goes by. I make myself a chicken breast and normal food for my husband. I've always cooked well. My family is always escatic about everything I cook, but I can't even eat a small amount of it. But then, sometimes I can't resist the urge and use the excuse of testing the food to steal a spoonful of vegetable stew or a bite of pizza. That's why it's taking me forever to lose weight. At this rate, I lose 1-2 kg a week. I'd die to weigh just 70 kg! Is that too much to ask for? I'm 76kg atm.

Charles Jonas
A dietitian, psychologist and expert on eating disorders

I understand your situation perfectly. It can be hard to put up with having to eat healthy food while everyone else eats whatever they want. Eventually, the diet will fail because it's hard to resist something that always in front of you. In order to avoid this, I recommend drinking 1 cup of Keto Bullet before breakfast. First of all, it reduces hunger and suppresses cravings for sweet and high-carb foods. Second of all, it causes excessive carbs to pass through the body. That means that you'll be able to join your family at dinner and enjoy pizza without getting out of shape.

Keto Bullet Coffee
The body fat will go away for good.
Keto Bullet is a coffee drink for controlling appetite and quick weight loss during a low-carb diet.
one cup of Keto Bullet a day
It will increase the effect of your keto diet.
It reduces appetite for 12-14 hours.
It suppresses sweet and bread cravings
It gives energy that will last all day
It increases work capacity and brain activity.
It speeds up weight loss.
1 a month of using Keto Bullet
They tried it out, and it worked for them!
Results, -12 kg
I weigh 53 kg, just like I did when I was 15!

I started drinking Keto Bullet, and the number on the scales finally went down! Now, I can even let myself eat a pizza before bed. I bought a gym membership to help me burn some of the energy that the coffee gives me! A month later and I weighed 12 kg less. I feel great, but all my clothes are saggy loose now. Apparently, someone is going to have to do some serious shopping!

Results, -10 kg
My appetite disappeared, and the fat version of me went with it.

Amazing! I hardly want to eat at all! A month later, my body got so used to eating little that a small serving could make me full all day. After Keto Bullet, I even stopped wanting my favorite pastries. I lost weight at the speed of light, about half a kilogram a day. I wear tight dresses, and no longer have to suck my tummy in!

Results, -8 kg
I no longer cook separate dishes for myself

With Keto Bullet I can eat whatever my family eats such as: baked meats, fish, soups, and even some pastries from time to time. I lost more in a month than I did on my previous stricter diet. I weigh 64 kg now. I want to slim down to 60 kg. I think I can do it within a week!

Keto Bullet
The coffee everyone uses to lose weight
  • Keto Bullet's secret is in the ketogenic MCT oil that it contains. It enables an artificial carbohydrate deficiency (ketosis).
  • In this state, the body burns fat 3 times faster than the typical diet.
  • If you're considering a keto diet, Keto Bullet will help you achieve ketosis in just 2-3 days instead of 2-4 weeks.
  • In addition to that, you'll be able to let yourself eat some sweets and bread products, AND YOU'LL CONTINUE SLIMMING DOWN!
How does Keto Bullet work?
  • Keto Bullet's ingredients block excessive carbohydrates absorption, eliminating the main cause of weight gain.
  • The fewer carbs your body absorbs, the faster it goes into ketosis.
  • Fat is burned 3 times faster during ketosis.
  • Keto Bullet also reduces appetite. You're guaranteed not to mess up your diet with Keto Bullet.
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What does the drink consist of?
MCT oil

High-quality MCT oil is extracted from natural ingredients. It helps quickly reach ketosis, gives energy, improves memory and attention span and increases work capacity.

Premium coffee

Hand-picked, fragrant coffee made from premium-quality coffee beans with the best taste and aroma. It gives energy that lasts all day long.


Concentrated natural chicory extract suppresses hunger and appetite, cleanses the body of build-up and keeps blood sugar level normal.

Coconut pulp extract

The pulp of hand-picked coconuts, containing a high amount of healthy nutrients, quickly gives the body nourishment and stimulates metabolic processes.

Chromium picolinate

It's an effective and healthy supplement for safely losing weight. It helps burn calories, reduce stored body fat and suppresses sweet cravings.

Specialist comments

The most daunting task was to create a product that could help people lose weight without needing a diet by suppressing appetite and keeping fat from coming back. 6 months have gone by since Keto Bullet first went on sale. Judging it by the thousands of reviews left by our customers, we definitely achieved our goal by 100%!

Payton Rhodes
The Keto Bullet team's head developer
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Can Keto Bullet help lose weight without a diet?

It can. Keto Bullet works no matter what. However, for optimal results, it should be taken with less sugar and bread as well as fewer low-carb foods.

How should Keto Bullet be taken?

Dissolve the contents of 1 packet into 250 ml of hot water. Stir thoroughly and drink before breakfast.

Where can Keto Bullet be bought?

Keto Bullet is only sold here, on the manufacturer's official website. Fill out an order form below . Confirm your order to our operator and receive it at your convenience.

Keto Bullet Coffee
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